On behalf of Redland Yurara Art Society and Redland Art Gallery
we would like to thank everyone who entered Redland Art Awards 2012.

We take great pleasure in informing the following artists that you have been
shortlisted for consideration in the final round of judging.

Samara Adamson-Pinczewski VIC Entry 2
Katherine Boland VIC Entry 2
Mostyn Bramley-Moore QLD Entry 1
Antonia Chaffey  VIC Entry 1
Sally Chicken QLD Entry 1
Amy Clarke  QLD Entry 1
Jason Cordero  SA Entry 1
Nameer Davis  QLD Entry 1
Chris Delpratt VIC Entry 2
Joanne Duffy  WA Entry 2
Agneta Ekholm VIC Entry 1
Mitchell English  NSW Entry 1
Rachel Fairfax  NSW Entry 1
Christian Flynn  QLD Entry 1
Ashley Frost  NSW Entry 1
Tarli Glover VIS Entry 1
Erika Gofton VIC Entry 2
Wendy Grace  VIC Entry 1
Karen Gray  VIC Entry 1
Miles Hall QLD Entry 1
Zoe Horsfall VIC Entry 1
Franky Howell VIC Entry 1
Grace Huang VIC Entry 1
Kenneth Inwood QLD Entry 2
Claude Jones NSW Entry 1
Gladdy Kemarre NT Entry 1
Josie Kunoth Petyarre NT Entry 1
Robert Malherbe NSW Entry 1
Donna Malone QLD Entry 3
Chris Martin QLD Entry 2
Claudine Marzik  QLD Entry 2
Jill McFarlane QLD Entry 1
Christopher McVinish NSW Entry 2
Yvonne Mills-Stanley QLD Entry 1
Eunkyoung Moon-Back QLD Entry 1
Matthew Quick VIC Entry 1
Judy Rogers WA Entry 1
Vicki Sangster WA Entry 1
Leigh Schoenheimer QLD Entry 2
Ian Smith QLD Entry 1
Schmid Stefan VIC Entry 1
Mark Stewart QLD Entry 1
Val Turner  QLD Entry 1
Sally West NSW Entry 1
Alan Young TAS Entry 1




international art services

Please note ias is offering special transport rates
to Redland Art Awards 2012 finalists.
For full details contact your nearest ias office:
Brisbane: (07) 3890 7422
Sydney: (02) 9667 1077
Canberra: (02) 6232 9773
Perth: (08) 9249 5376
Melbourne/Adelaide/Tasmania: (03) 9329 6262