On behalf of Redland Yurara Art Society and Redland Art Gallery,
thank you for entering Redland Art Awards 2010.

We take great pleasure in informing you that you have been shortlisted for consideration in the final round of judging.

Download a catalogue here.

Katka Adams NSW Entry 1
Hadieh Afshani QLD Entry 1
Fergus Binns VIC Entry 1
John Brigden QLD Entry 1
Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox QLD Entry 2
Denis Brockie QLD Entry 1
Scott Bunning QLD Entry 1
Susan Buret NSW Entry 1
Deidre But-Husaim SA Entry 1
Mathew Cheyne QLD Entry 1
Judith Cobb VIC Entry 2
Corinne Colombo QLD Entry 2
Yvette Coppersmith VIC Entry 1
Gabrielle Courtenay NSW Entry 2
Katina Davidson QLD Entry 1
Nameer Davis QLD Entry 1
Sam Eyles QLD Entry 1
Adrienne Fleming QLD Entry 2
John Gambardella VIC Entry 2
Anna Gonzalez QLD Entry 2
Naomi Grant WA Entry 2
Christian Griffiths (Sauce) QLD Entry 3
Stephanie Hall QLD Entry 1
Craig Handley NSW Entry 1
Pat Hoffie QLD Entry 1
John Honeywill QLD Entry 2
Clare Hopkins NSW Entry 3
Jacinta Howard QLD Entry 3
Heine (Harry) Iedema QLD Entry 1
Kenneth Inwood QLD Entry 1
Claude Jones NSW Entry 1
Gladdy Kemarre NT Entry 1
Dinni Kunoth Kemarre NT Entry 1
Josie Kunoth Petyarre NT Entry 1
Karla Marchesi QLD Entry 1
Abbey McCulloch QLD Entry 1
Paul Miller NSW Entry 2
VR Morrison   Entry 1
Deb Mostert QLD Entry 2
Michael Muir NSW Entry 1
Elizabeth Newman VIC Entry 2
Nic Plowman QLD Entry 1
Matthew Quick VIC Entry 1
Joel Rea QLD Entry 1
Mellissa Read-Devine NSW Entry 1
Julie Reeves QLD Entry 1
Ben Smith NSW Entry 2
Simon Taylor NT Entry 1
Stephanie Theobold   Entry 1
Georgina-Kay Trout NSW Entry 1
Steve Tyerman QLD Entry 1
Sue Rosalind Vesely NSW Entry 2



international art services

Please note ias is offering special transport rates
to Redland Art Awards 2010 finalists.
For full details contact your nearest ias office:
Brisbane: (07) 3890 7422
Sydney: (02) 9667 1077
Canberra: (02) 6232 9773
Perth: (08) 9249 5376
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